friday 1

Friday evening, I was caught up enough to go to my studio and get some work done. I wrote a few blog posts and read some dynamic writing that Scarlett Luv-Star had shared with me.

friday 2

I strolled around MU to see the changes. We have three new students! Now all the spaces are filled.

friday 3

The numbering at Vashti has changed. My studio is now Vashti 4.

friday 4

And it looks like the tai chi dojo is going to happen. And Serra, lo and I are called Masters!

I sent a notecard to Serra about some of my research regarding the tai chi animations.

There’s a party later this evening. If my human gets some things done, I might be able to go for a while.


Field Trip


Yesterday evening, MU’s Chaplain Beedit and I had a long chat while exploring some areas on the mainland. I’d been working on some things, wearing a vintage outfit to lounge around in and didn’t bother to change.  Among other things, we spoke of the Drinking and Drawing class on Mondays.


She found this chapel in Grote and sent a teleport. It’s set off from the road and I’d not noticed it in my travels. The land is set for sale, but it’s so expensive that it’s unlikely everything will just vanish there soon. But it could.

We talked about documentation of the ephemeral things in Second Life. I like to do so when it feels organic and not like work. The building appears to be one of a kind so I snapped some pictures, maybe to show in my main blog soon.

I thought of the house I was building that is gone.

People and things simply move on to different dimensions.

travel_005“A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP” ~ Leonard Nimoy’s final tweet.


link copy drag_002 I linked the floor of the bay window area to the rest of the floor and then made a copy for the roof. Of course I’m going to change the roof texture. Or I would if I could get at it.

Since I haven’t linked the rest of the house together, I’ve just left everything sitting on the build platform. And now nothing on the Chon region of WestWorld Grid will rez for me, including the Chon build platform.

Dankoville, the varregion where I base some story writing, has moved from WestWorld to a writer’s grid called Nara’s Nook. I’m putting together my new avatar for my new account and will use SL Pearl’s sliders to tweak the look.

Anyway, my house may have vanished forever, which happens.   I’ll begin again.

Virtual Photography Practice # 3


Photo number three from my first visit to Blithe using the Lab viewer and low resolution. This is typically what I use for my blogs. Most of the time I’m simply recording what is there rather than trying to make a pretty picture.


Some of these photos are cropped because I feel satisfaction from cropping. Also, I may have tweaked the exposure a bit. My usual M. O. of neglecting to take notes extends to my photography excursions. The pictures aren’t numbered with the info on the windlight I used on Firestorm.


Maybe this would work for some scenes.


And maybe this as well. My biological agent loves fog, as long as everyone’s safe. She grew up near the Mississippi River and fog seems like ‘home”. She’s lived in Colorado and now the high desert of the Pacific Northwest. Sunshine is awesome but can be relentless at times.


Just no.




I’m guessing that occasionally I will see a scene and love the composition of it. Then I will take time to try different lights, etc. I take so many virtual photos that I don’t want to fret about my reputation.

Sometimes I want to document things I see, on the mainland for example, and no amount of picture fixing will make it look fabulous. It’s an area for me where wobbling and awkward is fine.


This one I like, except maybe not so much on the foreground trees.


This is one of my favorites.

I have two more sets from this lesson. Then I’ll move on to practicing with a few more tips.



My human believes that she’s been quite generous and even indulgent with giving me time to study, make art and hang out with people at MU. Apparently her objective reality life is important to her too although she’ll admit that I enhance it.

I’ve taken care to set up categories in this blog. For those who want to see my perceptions and documentation of MU, selecting “Journal” will streamline the scroll around the photos of the lovely home I’m building and my brilliant creative writing.


I took a quick stroll around campus, looking at some changes and picking up an art gift at this studio.


Then I searched the marketplace for tai chi animations and became rather overwhelmed. I’m used to pose balls in various settings on the mainland and besides getting an AO, have never purchased animations. I could figure out how to get one for myself but not how to have them set out for the use of others.

With my very new toe-dip into google + and joining a new grid since the region I do writing in has moved to it, my human is protesting about her life business priorities.


So field trip!

I popped in to Serra’s live-in studio on Sansara and found it to be a lovely environment. Then I teleported to the road nearby and recognized the area immediately. There are unique buildings in the area, unfortunately with banlines.

I have next steps in mind for all my lives so I’d better get to it.



Monday evening I returned to MU to get some work done. It turned out I was productive and socialized, which was all good and fun.


I checked my mailbox to see who might need advice or simply a listening ear. By the way, the picture of the zombie girl painting is a gift from me that can be picked up on the sea side of my studio.

I got some things done on this blog and talked with my neighbor Serra, who’s moving further in. We discussed possibly setting up a tai chi place where her studio was, which would need approval. We also exchanged landmarks to places on Sansara, which we both enjoy travelling on.


Then it was time for Monday evening Drinking and Drawing class, which I thoroughly enjoy. It just might get me back into making time for practicing making art.

at maria 14

A little later I went looking for the Life List class. I’d already shared mine through a link but thought I might listen to what others planned. I got stuck in the water and couldn’t jump out so had to be thrown a rope and pulled out. My clothes dried instantly so all was well.

Then came a very sobering and scary hard crash. Second Life quit responding and my entire screen went black, the kind of black when my drivers are protesting. It took me a while to recover and get back into the scene.

If my laptop gives up, it will take a while for me to get a new pc.


Things were working better when we climbed Neeva’s tower of the day. It isn’t exactly simple but it isn’t frustrating either. And there’s a sense of accomplishment even though my biological agent’s ass is in the recliner.

My Second House


So onward with my second house. The first one I deleted, although I really liked the wallpaper.

When I arrived, it took me a while to notice the wall with the bay windows in the background. It was described as “lesson # 2” and I took a copy that was all perms so I could take it apart to see how it was put together. But I couldn’t figure out how to take it apart so I built a bay window by sight.


I looked at a few YouTube videos from 2006 about prim house building and see that there are different techniques. But I want to finish this one.


The seams are not matched up. This took me a ridiculous amount of time. I had made the doors a few weeks ago.

I think I can do this!