Claiming It

sandstone on vashti 2_001

Nothing was happening so I claimed the spot I chose by putting a building down. This isn’t a complaint at all; I’m sure there’s a tremendous amount of work and detail involved in organizing something like this. But I didn’t put decor out in case someone else had really wanted this spot.

The Culprit Victorian Orangery is the Sandstone Version. I hadn’t known that since it was a gift and I’d never unpacked it. That was a happy surprise. Just a month ago I’d seen this version at Nordan om Jorden and liked it so much I took a photo of me in it, posted to my profile feed.

Izzy the Provost came over; I would have taken a photo if I’d thought of it. She answered the one question I still had.

I’m very impressed with her intelligence and professionalism. I’m used to sim owners who are often little dictators with big egos, easily annoyed and so on. This is mostly on role play sims where the owners have resentments and defenses built up. Even though this University is presented as freedom and fun, there’s also a serious, thoughtful undertone.

I was still walking around in little circles like an old dog settling in for a snooze.

sandstone on vashti 2_002

Scarlett Luv-Star came over and after Izzy left to do Provost things, we talked about our broken brains. It was a non-pitiful, informative exchange. Here we are, doing stuff, being creative and confident.

I noticed that somehow the purple base had turned to a neutral color. Virtual reality.

It’s a no-fly campus. I’ve learned a better way to walk to this space from the landing.


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