I’ve made a lot of progress with my part of this experiment during the last 24 hours so I’m going to do several posts in a row this evening.

Vashti 2 is the spot I chose for my studio. It seems to me that the people in charge might prefer to speak in person, avatar to avatar, than through e-mail and IM. I didn’t feel like I could make plans until I knew what my space looked like.

My typist has been having a very rough life and one of her main priorities has been having a place of her own. She will give up almost anything else to afford it. So it seems to be with me; I need a refuge with touchstones of intrinsic value around me.

I fretted over the color of the base and later learned that when they go into use, it becomes a neutral color.

When I logged in there were informative notecards inviting us to link any blog posts we write to an official blog, to add photos to the Flickr account and to share a life list.  I’m not ready to do that. I know that any response or lack of response will affect what I’m doing here. When I become more clear on my goals for this experiment, I doubt I’ll go back and edit the vague pages I’ve begun with. I really doubt anyone would want to read about my hyperfocusing and rambling settling in.

Already by using categories here, people have found my blog and placed links to theirs as comments which I’m not going to approve for a while, if ever.

I’ve relaxed about my writing studies. If there are  classes that are convenient to take, I will. Otherwise my goal is to just get a regular writing practice going so I will have something to edit. Then I will study one or two writing rules at a time and edit, then one or two more rules and so on. I’m not able to remember a bunch of rules and just start writing.


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