Wafting: the Words


I feel the call to intrepidly explore the mainland, risking the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve been so caught up in giving attention to the creations, dynamics, opinions and activities at MU that I’ve gotten unbalanced it attending to what interests me.

Often words fail me and I live in a world of images while my biological agent lives in feelings, sensations and emotions.

Some words become sprinkled more liberally throughout our lives for a season and my human doesn’t question it much beyond simply being aware.

Several words were showing up in MU Talk during the last month; kerfuffle, utopia, chaos and roulette among others.

Wafting is the word that has arisen for me during the last month. When I write, it’s been a word that seems to fit in. I’m not even going to look up the meaning of wafting. (I’ve been known to use words incorrectly throughout my human life.)

I titled my abstract colored pencil drawing, “Wafting”, which I posted about last week. I’ve noticed it in things I’ve read including the last two novels.

Yes, part of my curriculum is to read whole books and most of the ones I’ve picked from the library I haven’t been able to finish. I like to read Walter Mosley and near the end of his novel Diablerie, he uses the word wafting. The book “Night Watch” by Linda Fairstein, which I’ve just finished, uses the word wafting as well.

It isn’t an unusual word at all but it leaps out at me and is staying with me. I’m not over thinking it; I need my bandwidth for my objectivity reality human life. But since I feel like I’m often about connections of seemingly unrelated stuff, like a river winding its way through the landscape leaving twigs, leaves and sediment deposits, I feel comfortable using this word wafting here and there like patches of fabric in a quilt.










At the Beach


Yeah this is what I need to do.


Pay attention to when it’s time to change the channel and enjoy the outdoors. Hearing myself.


Daydreaming about what really matters.