Busy Week

crit class prep_002I rezzed the five new story boards at Wednesday evening Crit Class. Feels facilitated the class. Oona, RMarie, Muse and Elle also attended.

d & dThere were three drawings at Drinking and Drawing class. Van Caerndow also brings what he’s been working on (or another piece) each week.d & d _002We also had some visitors.mhIt hasn’t been all work. I went to for another visit to Mistero Hifeng’s LEA sim with Art after Saturday morning Cafe Sophistry.mh 2I’m using a photo taken here for my art piece on Time.

server troublesOne evening I was having a lot of problems with SL. I got logged out when attempting to teleport twice, I glided instead of walking, things were missing like my studio here and I couldn’t upload. I got a message there was a problem with the server.

These things can be taken in stride if it’s just me. One of the challenges with all the games and pranking around campus is that people don’t always believe me when I have trouble like this. Lately I’m not at all in the mood to play and mess around. I have too much to do.umbrella pictureI put the umbrella photo from Barefoot Wanders.studioMy story boards are around my studio. I need to let more people know about it within the next few days.   hildegardeWhile I work on my blog posts for Million Happy Endings I sometimes ride a boat on the ocean. cafe sophistryCafe Sophistry was about Time. It was an intelligent and interesting discussion. I can’t take too many photos at these events because it almost crashes my viewer. Sometimes it does crash hard.


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