4 thoughts on “Story Board Invitation to Write ~ April 15 – 30

  1. EDiEMONSTA says:

    Hi Pearl. I found a pencil and some scraps of paper here. I tried writing a story for you while my captors were out robbing a bank.

    Were we supposed to use all the frames? Or pick one? And where do we post it?

    I picked Frame #1, and I posted it on my site. You can post it here too if that’s good.

    Thank you Pearl. It was a lot of fun. Or at least as much fun as you can really have when you’re held in a dark closet and abused by some psycho who calls himself “The Field Marshall”.


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    • riverpearl says:

      Hi Edie. What a delightful and creative story. I’m pleased that writing it might have helped ease the tedium and uncertainty of being held captive by “The Field Marshall.”

      There are no rules, really. People can pick one or more of the frames. Of course I will attempt to post your story here as well as the two pieces of writing I’ve received from others so far.

      When I believe I’ve collected them all, I will post to MU Talk so others can read them. It may even aid the authorities in tracking your whereabouts in time to rescue you.

      About that. While I dearly appreciate your writing, was that the best use of a pencil and scraps of paper? I guess I would have tried to notify someone of my location or at least requested some pizza and beer.

      Well no matter. It sounds like you’re in no position to explain yourself.


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