Story Board April 15–30 Story by Feels Empty

4_1_1[17:03] FeelsEmpty: 1.) There is a man trapped in a certain self image he has of himself. If sees himself as this fixed thing, but he is in denial of his fixed position. Rather than refusing to alter his perceptions he is saying no as an image, not TO the image. This is a failure to reject the imaginary. In the real world, there is a woman captivated by the image. She has no idea that the man is really blind, because he cannot see himself as the image, he can only protest. She moves a sphere accordingly.4_1_02[17:05] FeelsEmpty: 2.) The speech bubble does not change into a yes. The man cannot see what she is doing – She imagines that the no was perhaps directed at her. She is still trying to please the image.4_1_03[17:07] FeelsEmpty: 3.) Frustrated, she brings in a crucifix, trying to seek guidance from it instead of the man’s voice. or perhaps she is doing it to please the man. The distinction between these two intents are important, what is important is the symbol.4_1_04[17:08] FeelsEmpty: 4.) Man in the image: “I have no experience of this image.”4_1_05[17:10] FeelsEmpty: 5.) The woman cannot tell the difference between the image I am now writing a caption for and the image of the man. She hears the word NO loudly and it is overpowering. She takes measures to unhear it.


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