Story Boards April 15–30 Story by Oona


Sphere: Do not be afraid human. The process is seamless and all will be well in the end.

Adora: I’m not going to be affected, I’m strong. You cannot manipulate me like the others.4_1_022

Sphere: All of you are the same. You cannot fight, it your bio-genetic makeup doesn’t lie.

Adora: But why do we matter so much to you?4_1_033

Sphere (morphs into a strange cross): Because you as a species are fickle and abusive. We feel you’ll make good subjects to destroy each other without much effort on our part. We enjoy watching this process. Given rational choice you nearly always choose the one that destroys you, versus the one that is kind, loving and nurturing. And the choice to come to this planet against the warnings of your god for greed and wealth, sealed the deal for you.

The Sphere, makes a clicking noise and disappears.4_1_044

Adora sits, terrified but hopeful.

Adora: It didn’t affect me. I know it, I’d have felt it.

She smiles, happily. 4_1_055

Her happiness quickly turns to horror as she feels her body and limbs involuntarily move her toward the door.



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