Story Board April 15 – 30 Story by Astrid Rimbaud


With hands held tightly behind her back, she stared longingly into the giant crystal ball, as she had so many times before. But this time it was different; different with his words hanging over her head; different because this time she was afraid.

“Oh crystal ball, what is my fortune? What is next for me?’


She held her breath as the ball slipped away and prepared to reveal the feared answer.


Then an image appeared, an image of a cross tombstone. Death. The answer was death.


As she slumped lifelessly into the arms of the couch, she placed her hands over her heart and breathed heavily, terrified; his words still hanging over her. “What must I do?” She called out, shakily. “How can I prevent this fate?”

“You cannot,” a voice boomed. “Death is the fate of everyone. And we are not in control of your fate, only of showing you what will be.”

“But it cannot be! Not now! Not when there are so many questions left unanswered.” She rose slowly and walked to the corner of the room from where the voice was emanating.
“Tell me,’ she demanded. “I know there is a way. I beg of you.”

“If you want to live, there is one way. You must come to our side. You must be one of us, you must -”

“Yes okay I will do it, I will do whatever you want!”

“You must murder him.”

Astonished, she began to shout. “Him? Him who?”

“Him,” the voice repeated and a slow fog rose up around the image of her beloved.

“No, I will not! I would never!”


“But you will. We’ve placed on your head a device. It is attached to your central nervous system. You make any move contrary to what we tell you, you will be struck with immense pain. You make so much as a thought to disobey, you will be hit with an electric shock so debilitating you will wish you had accepted your fate.”

“But-,” before the word was uttered, she was trembling in pain to her knees.

“You see. This is what you will do. How silly of you to think that you could cheat death. Someone must die, that is the order of things. You pleaded for your life. And so he must take your place. They require a soul and we will not deny them. For there are consequences.”


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