veyot gallery_001

Yeah; couldn’t think of a title.

Veyot built a gallery at her studio for the photos from the Mistero Hifeng trip.

veyot gallery_002

I went to my studio to work. Glad Kidd stopped by to chat. I like having visitors.

veyot gallery_003

I always like to see the virtual moon.

veyot gallery_004

When I was finished at my studio I went to Vinyard at Checkmate to pick up a SLurl for a post I’ve scheduled on my main blog for Saturday. I’m only going to do one post a week in June.


And here is the location of the place I shot photos and also some short clips for videos I’ll edit soon.

I’m still not feeling well but am getting my life lived.




Crit Class


I participated in Wednesday night Crit Class. We looked at Muse Beck’s new work.


Then I showed my beginner building pieces.


Lastly we looked at Neeva’s new tower.


Which she collapsed.


It collapsed several times as we were snapping away.


Then we climbed around on it.


Looking at the views.

Far Infrared

d_d class_001

Drinking and Drawing class work. Trilby gave me a copy of the drawing she did of me, the one in the middle. I love it!

Far Infrared. No, not some photography technique. It’s my heating pad which I’ve been using a lot this week. At least I can stand up straighter now and went to the grocery store today. But my back and neck aches. My hands and arms are so clumsy this week too. Drawing, typing and walking inworld; it’s all difficult.

Izzy has allowed some sort of point-to-point teleporting, finally. I walk when I can, of course, but there’s been times when I’ve fallen in the water and had to teleport out of the sim and there’ve been other difficulties for me on campus.  And people just don’t think before they speak. I’ve seen comments in VB chat about sending a teleport if “you’re too weak to walk” and such.

Or “don’t challenge me. *cries*”.

Oh the insensitivity and uncouthness of healthy youth. Another thing to overlook and give the benefit of the doubt.

While I’m emotionally flat, at least my mind is functioning well enough that I haven’t caused myself any disaster in real life. I just sleep a lot.

I might do some building later this week and next week start learning some machinima. That’s the plan anyway.

I might go to Crit class this evening. Maybe stay for about an hour.

MU Photography Tour of Mistero Hifeng’s Installation



Veyot led a photography tour of MU people to see the wonderful creations of Mistero Hifeng. We discussed windlight and were given note cards of the answers that Mistero graciously gave to questions about his work. We accomplished a lot in one hour and had an enjoyable and inspiring time.

I quickly snapped and processed these photos and am posting here so ones appropriate for a gallery can be chosen.6
























And I particularly like the results when I cropped AlexandreLois1 in the above photo.














Studio Change and Building Practice

Vashti 4_001

I took the lovely sandstone building from Culprit down and rearranged things out in the open air. I’m going to replace some of the items with things I make.

I have time to do this (when I’m not sleeping) because my back is messed up again and I can’t stand up straight and can barely walk. I know this is coming on when I get extremely clumsy for a few days. It will pass; it always has before.

build 5_23_001Saturday afternoon I built this table in OSGrid, following along with a great tutorial by Chic Aeon of The Great Canadian Grid. I use the Firestorm opensim viewer there. I couldn’t figure out how to flip the grain of the wood but this is good enough for me. I put it in my home there near the picture frame I 5_23_002

My hands aren’t working well at all, fingers slipping, and twice I deleted my build platform. But I kept at it.

build 5_23_003Following along with the tutorial, I saved a copy of the table and then converted one to a plant stand. I worked with my first sculpty, the vase, and then used an alpha textured flower on a prim I made transparent and linked them all together. Hypergridding to The Great Canadian Grid to pick up a kit was quite helpful. Working with something transparent isn’t easy for me but I got it done. And I had expected I could do it again in Second Life but I was wrong.building sl_001I made the table. It was more difficult doing it at the weird angle things are set out but I wanted it to be a fairly close size to the art table I’ve been using.building sl_003Then I made the plant stand on my small build platform.building sl_004I was using the Lab viewer, which I prefer. I found vase sculpt maps on the marketplace and had a texture I’d purchased quite a while ago and have been meaning to find a use for. I got the dirt in the pot. Good so far but then the trouble began.

I couldn’t find the transparent button on the Lab viewer. I spent several hours and a fair amount of Lindens trying one set of alpha flower textures after another. I had to switch to Firestorm and that didn’t help. I realized I wasn’t going to be making any flowers here so I began buying several.plant and stand 2_001I found a nice orchid but I wanted to give a copy of this to someone so I shopped for full perm items.plant and stand 2_002

These were nice but I wanted to go inworld and look around.

With other things I buy, I have vendors I trust but buying full perm landscaping items on the marketplace is something new and there’s a lot of crap out there.

plant and stand 2_004

I went with these hyacinths. I unlinked the flowers from the pot they’re in. I’m not supposed to sell them (which I’m not out to sell anyway) without changing the flower, stem and leaf parts. I was exhausted this by this time. I sent a “no transfer” gift to a friend and will leave this set out at my studio plot for a while It has 12 land impact. The most complicated thing I’ve made in Second Life.

But it’s given me an idea to make something with a few free full perm items I picked up.




These are my drawings as the briefly looked from one angle in the new Drawing Gallery


And as they became transparent and couldn’t be seen. I finally took all but one down as I’d spent quite a bit of time on it.


Next week I’m to have a drawing of Marie Beedit for class. Trilby, Marie and I went on a photo shoot for this. This is the photo I chose to draw. The drawing itself isn’t very good but I’m amused at the title: Mother Marie and Baby Ginger. I gave them halos.


This was the outfit and location but not the pose of the drawing Trilby will do of me.


They tried lots of outfits and locations but Trilby gave me a break and was satisfied with my set up soon enough.

Trilby and Marie

Trilby and Marie

Ocho Tango

Friday night I showed Feels some places. We went to Chouchou so he could try out a cinematic hud. The we went to Mistero Hifeng’s place, Ocho Tango and The Far Away. He took some great photos for his Flickr.


Selfies at Leka

selfie 1

Hollyhocks are one of my favorite flowers. There’s an abundance of them at the Leka sim and since I’ve been wanting a new spring season header for my main blog I did some photo practice recently.

selfie 2

selfie 4

selfie 5


selfie 6