It was stormy out in real life for my biological agent so I got to work on projects in SL. There are many of them lately and I will tell more when I get more of them finished. It was the last day of my Drinking and Drawing instructors’ show at Roissey Theater so I made time to visit.


Then I set out some of my work in the artist colony on Sansara. I live nearby and had been walking down the road as a break Friday evening. I wandered over onto Midnight Beach and Scarlett had seen me on the map and came over to talk to me. She has set up an artist colony nearby and there was a trailer studio available.

saturday_003So I put out a few of my photographs. Somehow it adds to my confidence to do this. I’m not quite sure how that happens.


I also put out some of my drawings from class. If anyone had told me I’d be doing this three months ago, I wouldn’t have believed it.


All the studios have been taken now and Scarlett has started a flickr group.


There’s a coffee shop and hangout place on the grounds. Scarlett creates wonderful environments.


I showed RMarie, who’s in the drawing class with me, Van’s show.


And then took her to see my new studio.



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