These are my drawings as the briefly looked from one angle in the new Drawing Gallery


And as they became transparent and couldn’t be seen. I finally took all but one down as I’d spent quite a bit of time on it.


Next week I’m to have a drawing of Marie Beedit for class. Trilby, Marie and I went on a photo shoot for this. This is the photo I chose to draw. The drawing itself isn’t very good but I’m amused at the title: Mother Marie and Baby Ginger. I gave them halos.


This was the outfit and location but not the pose of the drawing Trilby will do of me.


They tried lots of outfits and locations but Trilby gave me a break and was satisfied with my set up soon enough.

Trilby and Marie

Trilby and Marie

Ocho Tango

Friday night I showed Feels some places. We went to Chouchou so he could try out a cinematic hud. The we went to Mistero Hifeng’s place, Ocho Tango and The Far Away. He took some great photos for his Flickr.



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