Medici University Gallery ~ Generative, Glitch and Gifs Opening

gg and gThe MUGA opening was last Friday evening and I enjoyed it. I’d been concerned that certain people might treat it as a Crit Class but there was nothing troubling or annoying for me. People were generally supportive and it was kept light and social. gg and g 2My four pieces were the first four (keepers) I’d ever done. I’m not at all experienced in this sort of creativity as the other three artists, Elle Thorkveld, Feels Empty and Michael Green who entered a piece at the last minute.

I did a post about the opening on my main blog, which is unusual for me. I’m always highlighting the creativity of others. Two of my readers went to see the gallery later, Hana Hoobino and Seraphim Placebo, and gave me kind feedback.ggand g 3Since I’m learning machinima, I put photos together in a slide show and searched for appropriate music and posted it here. I was surprised that this little effort took more data than the longer things I’ve done but then I see how busy the photo are and maybe it’s all those little bits of data. More so that the fields of soft grasses and soothing skies that I like. gg and g 4The curator, Myra Wildmist. might have one more gallery show. Machinima.

I have one ready but have used my Vimeo upload limit for this week. The video is an improvement over my previous ones and I’ll post about it soon.

The double exposure photography I used for the still photos in it – I took a crash tutorial course – took over any experimenting I might have done with the glitch art. For this week anyway.


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