Lucia at Zombie MU


zombie_012I was going to write a third and final episode to my Lucia/Zombie story but MU and it’s website is sort of a ghost town by now and like many others I’ve pretty much moved on. I want to show the pictures I took with the Lab’s mesh zombie avatars on campus. I had fun with this photo shoot. The picture above was taken in front of my studio at Vashti 4.zombie_001 This was taken at the Writers’ Lounge.zombie_002This was taken at the MU Gallery.zombie_004This was taken at the Drinking and Drawing (and also Life Drawing) Gallery where I never was able to get my drawings up. The art on the left is by Trilby Minotaur and on the right is my RMarie Beedit.zombie_005Here the zombie guy is looking at the painting Van Caerndow did of me on the kiosk.zombie_006Here the girl zombie explores RMarie Beedit’s studio.zombie_007In Eupa’s studio.zombie_009In Veyot’s studio. zombie_010In Michael Green’s studio. In the story I was going to write something about a zombie with a cloud of blue hair. I barely know Michael Green and don’t know if he has a sense of humor or takes himself very seriously and would have been offended. There are some MU learners who are quite tetchy.

I love the Cezanne-like painting with the cell phone in it.zombie_011 And finally, inside my studio.








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