Oh Give Those Useless Eaters Some Cake

cake 2This has been sitting in my drafts folder for months. The photos were taken on the photoshoot that Van Caerndow did when he was preparing to do the portrait he painted of me.

I thought of these photos when I felt angry and disgusted and wanted to write a sarcastic post. There were many such occasions to do so, not necessarily about MU but about attitudes in the world of SL blogging and such. Snobs, elitists and those who are dismissive of the creativity and rights of others, I dislike them in real life and also in virtual worlds.

I would have done it in story form and written an exaggerated diatribe along the lines of the ridiculous, narcissistic, exclusive attitudes that I read about. But I’m not angry this weekend. I’m very much engaged with a new project and have no reason to poke around and stir up old pain and wounds. But I’ve sure enjoyed writing imaginary stories in my head over the last few months to go with this title and these pictures.  cake 1I saw something online the other day–a quote–something like how in a world that profits off our insecurity and self-doubt, it’s an act of rebellion to accept ourselves as we are and choose to grow as we see fit.


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