Snapshot_005The Drinking and Drawing final reception was yesterday evening. I took lots of photos and uploaded quite a few to Flickr. These are the rest of them.Snapshot_012I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who showed up for it. It’s great when we support each other and also a sense of closure is needed.Snapshot_013We didn’t talk much about the drawings and that’s fine. It wasn’t a critique.Snapshot_020We decided to march around campus and go to the river. RMarie handed out torches that people could fire breath with.Snapshot_023We ended up underwater in the slough for a while.Snapshot_024


Snapshot_027There were a lot of available prims since people have been taking studios down. Neeva temporarily used all but eleven to make a tumbling tower which we watched from underwater.Snapshot_030




After a while there was little conversation. It was very late. But we stood around on the hill, reluctant to leave. Everything needs to be gone from LEA 23 by midnight SLT.

But many of us have been transformed by this and it won’t be the end really.





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