The Ant Farm Sessions

It’s been nine months  since Medici University ended, June 30th, 2015.

The LEA grants for the last half of 2015 included Art Farm Co op in which some of the avatars that were at MU participated. The group for both was VB Friends. As someone told me a few weeks ago, it is VB Friends, not VB Art or VB Creativity.

I felt it was important to document my time at MU in this blog and there were a few readers who would check in occasionally.  I also kept an under-the-radar blog for my own memories during Art Farm Co op. I mentioned it to a few people a couple of times.

I picked up an unknown reader for the blog, someone in the US, and am relieved they never shared their identity.

It’s been three months since Art Farm Co-op ended and I’m now sharing the link to the blog I kept about it.

The Ant Farm Sessions


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