My brain is broken. It doesn’t work the way the people in my culture expect or want it to.

Cerebellum damage, among other assaults and genetics, affects my walking gait and my language ability. There are cognitive and short term memory issues I live with too.

Sometimes I tire very easily. I experience frustration and anxiety  when my mind and body doesn’t function the way I want it to. Of course many other people experience this and worse but this site is about me and my experience.

Tai Chi helps. I’ve also researched and experimented  extensively with diets and other health information. New discoveries and understandings are being updated all the time, much of which will take decades to trickle into mainstream medicine. I can’t wait that long. There’s also a lot of crap information out there too. I’ve taken on a lot of responsibility and accountability for my health.

It helps is to keep my mind active and engaged. I struggle with organization and focus. My so-called hobbies are my therapies and means of expression for me. My quality of life matters and I intend to persistently demonstrate that.

Virtual Reality takes patience, imagination and creativity among other qualities. I’m not content to limit myself to the role of consumer and audience. I don’t consent to allowing self-proclaimed “top-shelf” avatars shame and insult others into giving up participation in creativity and expression.

My beginning engagement with Medici University has already been confusing for me. And so has setting up this new blog and attempting to give myself some sort of structure here. WordPress, as well as most sites are endlessly changing things and I’ve had more struggle with navigating this set-up than my previous blogs.

I’m going to keep this well under the radar for a while. Scrutiny makes my performance and experience deteriorate. I have a “Brain” category for posts that deal with this part of my journey navigating the spring semester at LEA 23.

This thing is way more important to me than any casual reader that might wander by.


3 thoughts on “Brain

  1. Paypabak Writer says:

    So sorry for your troubles with WordPress. I’m not a big fan of it in terms of user friendliness both for the blogger and the readers. Generally, things do get better the more you use them.

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    • riverpearl says:

      Yes, repetition is a key and I seem to need it more than most.

      I’m going to sign up for a Tumblr account, mostly so I can more easily follow you and Veyot. I might even use it myself for a focused area. I’d thought it was only for short posts and I do like to ramble sometimes.

      The main reason I struggled with this blog was because I wanted to organize it in such a way that readers stopping by could more easily choose what they might like to read.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Paypabak Writer says:

        You’re right about Tumblr but it’s also fun to go against the grain. The big drawback is that it seems to require people to sign on in order to follow but WP does the same thing and I hate having different passwords working with different blogs I want to follow.

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