Easter Tai Chi

4_5_15_tai chi

Silent tai chi with Elle and Oona


Oona and the Shadowbox

tai chi_005

Oona built a shadowbox for me to do my over-the-couch-art series. I could have done it and it would have taken much longer.

tai chi_004

There’s room to rez it temporarily on the side of my studio to have other people to pose in. That was my original wish. I don’t want to schedule it. Maybe I’ll IM people when they’re in the area and ask for them to come over and pose.

tai chi_003

I’ve since used this in my storyboard project for April. It makes the visual more difficult to see but I can always go back to the other way for May. Anyway, I will use this for my little project.

Participation Yeah


When the gif cubes were at Vashti 1



Drinking and Drawing class joined by critters.


Discussing drawing


Walking home from class and spotting Lemonondo Oh at their LEA sim


Doing tai chi alone


A peaceful moment during an overwhelming week. This is the region setting for the sim.

Drinks and Conversation with Newton

newton 1


I was curious to learn how a conversation between Newton and I might go so I asked his sister, RMarie, to approach him with the suggestion. We had never run into each other at MU, I was surely not on his radar and all he had to go on was whatever RMarie told him.

My plan was for us to talk and then I’d write about it which I soon found too difficult to do and not simply because of time constraints this week.  I am constantly reminded that my perceptions and views are very different that those of others and I doubted that what I might write would be recognizable to Newton at all. I removed the time stamps, made a space between the lines of dialogue and corrected a few typos, then got permission to post our chat here.

Newton: Hello

Pearl Grey: Hello

Newton: is this to your liking?

Pearl Grey: Yes; am I dressed properly for this place?

Newton: if you are comfortable then yes – but if you would feel better in something else, then have at it!

Pearl Grey: I’m comfortable but I could use a drink

Pearl Grey: I just came from Drinking and Drawing class and just had tea

Newton: ah, that’s not drinking at all

Newton: please allow me to get you a glass of champagne

Pearl Grey: No it surely isn’t. I would love some champagne, thank you.

Newton has given you this object:
Glass of Champagne

Pearl Grey: Thank you!

Newton: you’re welcome

Newton tries to get rid of his cig

Newton: have a seat

Pearl Grey: Your sister hasn’t told me much about you, we talk of other things. Sure

Pearl Grey looks around. “This is a really interesting place. I like it.”

Newton: this place has a very very long history

Newton: events here mark many SLifetimes for Marie

Newton: it’s one of the best deco places imo

Newton: understated but nicely surreal

Newton: maybe deco is the wrong word

Newton: it has a nice surrealist vibe and retro

Newton: One of the owners used t publish a magazine called Retropolitan

Pearl Grey: Yes; I’ve not seen any place like it.

Pearl Grey: Oh cool!

newton 2

Newton: The magazine covered all things Retro

Newton: marie can show you an old copy

Pearl Grey: I would love that. I’ll ask her next time I see her.

Newton: yes

Pearl Grey: So this is a place for philosophical discussions. Not like complaining in a bar after work.

Newton: Oh, it’s absolutely a place for complaining

Newton: and a great place for showing up to alone

Newton: or a great secret place to bring a SLover or gal pal to commisserate

Newton: they have events occasionally

Pearl Grey: I see. Well the champagne is excellent here.

Newton: and a steady, diehard crew

Newton: yes it’s cheap but dry

Pearl Grey: I will add this to my list of haunts

Newton: they used to have a rat infestation

Newton: looks like they may have taken care of that

Pearl Grey: Oh my…..nothing glamorous about rats at all

Pearl Grey: They don’t tend to inspire

Newton: No they do not

Newton: the best drink here is gin late at night when your eyeballs are throbbing

Pearl Grey: I will have to remember that.

Pearl Grey: Sometimes I’m up late at night and need some refreshment.

Newton: you never know who you’ll run into here

Pearl Grey: Yes; that is always fun.

Newton: mostly eccentrics

Pearl Grey: I love eccentrics.

Pearl Grey: When they are civil.

Newton: well, there’s the rub 🙂

Pearl Grey: Yes; there it is.

newton 3

Newton: pardon me for checking your age

Pearl Grey: I am old enough to drink!

Newton: hehe

Pearl Grey: I have fine lines around my eyes….see.

Newton: ok, I believe you

Newton: well after a certain amount of time here

Newton: Granted, I rarely go out

Newton: but for Marie

Pearl Grey: She likes to go out; I know

Newton: a certain aspect of common courtesy – certain types of expectations – were struck from the ledger. Not in terms of hurting others but in terms of “mutual obligation”

Pearl Grey: We both like to explore the mainland and she knows a lot of older places. Oh…..do expand on “mutual obligation”.

Newton: Yes she loves to explore and to share places

Newton: Of course places on SL are finite

Newton: but even after 5 years they feel infinite

Newton: and the older areas seem to have the best

newton 4

Newton: well there was something about the primary and the mediated posted on MU Talk today

Pearl Grey: Yes, I’ve noticed they seem more unique….not all the same atmosphere or look

Newton: Frequently in SL we come to expect a primary experience, whereas there are so many more variables involved in even the most minute communications

Pearl Grey: Oh I didn’t see that.

Pearl Grey laughs. “Oh now I remember, but I thought it was about something else.”

Newton: she may have missed the point when she jumped on the sex metaphor

Newton: who knows

Pearl Grey: It brought some thoughts to mind that may not be relevant. What did you think. I didn’t actually go into the article yet.

Newton: I just wanted to hear people throw out some examples of virtual situations or experiences which are primary to the metaverse

Pearl Grey: Give me an example

Newton: I’m not as interested in virtuality juxtaposed against or defined by RL, and I think you may relate

Newton: in the article, the metaphor for primary versus mediated was sex

Newton: (cybersex)

Newton: and how you can’t have a primary experience here, with that

Pearl Grey: Well I am having just a bit of trouble understanding what you mean but I might.

Pearl Grey: Right

Newton: which is almost subjective in itself

Pearl Grey: My typist can’t taste this champagne.

Pearl Grey: But I can go skiing and she can’t.

Pearl Grey: Something like that?

Newton: yes

Pearl Grey: Yes

Pearl Grey: I’ve found that I don’t care for bright color so much here.

Pearl Grey: But my biological agent likes color in her organic veggies.

Pearl Grey: in flowers

Newton: stir fried chroma

Pearl Grey: and stained glass.

Pearl Grey: But I love the Victorian age here which she has little chance to indulge in.

Pearl Grey: So maybe it is about realistic expectations?

Newton: yes

Newton: and

Newton: what we consider to be realistic expectations in RL don’t necessarily apply to SL

Newton: either you get a lot more – too much too fast – or you get nothing like what you expected

Pearl Grey: Right

Newton: walking around with no expectations may not be healthy to cultivate

Newton: I haven’t decided

Pearl Grey: So….no I think having a focus helps to save time.

Pearl Grey: And some standards

Newton: yes

Pearl Grey: People tend to pick up on it if you don’t have a purpose and they can sometimes write their purpose onto your blank seeming slate.

Newton: yeah but it’s usually not deliberate

Newton: most people see this as recreation

Pearl Grey: I guess so. I used to take it personally.

Pearl Grey: Yes, I know i do.

Newton: You do, but if you take things personally then maybe you don’t

Newton: I’m only stating that because of things I’ve pondered about my own reactions

Newton: but I’m not you of course

newton 5

Pearl Grey: I used to take it personally when people seemed to want me to be their personal assistant and minion when I just wanted to relax and play.

Pearl Grey: What reactions did you ponder?

Newton: oh yes, i’ve thought about that too

Pearl Grey: Do say….

Newton: how you get involved in a project and there’s always a hierarchy — but that’s ok if you can step back and sort of enjoy the whole. Things disappear soon enough

Pearl Grey: Yes; I need to be more alert to the time to step back.

Newton: Well for me it was just this feeling like — are love and trust really so simple

Pearl Grey: Of course they aren’t simple. That’s why we all have so much difficulty with them.

Pearl Grey: Most of us anyway.

Newton: Well I mean keep doing what you’re doing and wordlessly step back

Newton: keep contributing but know that nothing ever happens the way we expect it to

Pearl Grey: Yes, that is what a wise person would do.

Newton: passion does get in the way

Pearl Grey: But I over explain everything which is like stepping into quicksand.

Pearl Grey: I should just shut up instead of saying, “Wait a minute……” and just go on doing what I intended.

Newton: it’s interesting to observe what we take seriously an what we do not

Newton: This place gives a perspective RL doesn’t

Pearl Grey: Yes it does

Pearl Grey: You seem very serious to me.

Pearl Grey: At least in what I’ve read on MU Talk

Newton: Well

Newton: One could argue I’m not as fully developed as Marie

Newton: But I know I’m serious

Newton: I know I don’t think the way my sister does, or articulate myself that way

Newton: and I also know I’m treated far differently

Pearl Grey: That isn’t a bad thing at all.

Pearl Grey: In what way?

Newton: Women are nicer to me

Pearl Grey: Well you do look interesting and stylish.

Newton: Yes I suppose I am dashing

Pearl Grey: And have a great haircut too…yes.

Pearl Grey: Maybe Marie can be more playful?

Newton: Well she’s got a serious responsibility

Newton: of sorts

Pearl Grey: I know she does although she doesn’t talk about it much.

Newton: It’s true she doesn’t play much

Pearl Grey: Usually we explore or just chat. Oh really?

Newton: Is exploring playing?

Pearl Grey: Well maybe I’m a sort of bad influence on her sometimes? The way I do it is.

Pearl Grey: I usually don’t have an agenda.

Pearl Grey: And am not afraid to waste time looking at something that the arbiters call “less than stellar.”

Pearl Grey: Maria and I sat in the poppies at MU one time.

Pearl Grey: An odd sort of place to talk some might think.

Newton: Yes?

Newton: That sounds fairly playful

Pearl Grey: It seemed normal to me…but she went along with it. In fact, it might have been her idea.

Pearl Grey: When I mentioned the color….they are some bright colors that I like.

Newton: Yes, I think it was 🙂

Newton: But no matter

Newton: you may have inspired it!

Pearl Grey: Well I like to be inspiring.

Pearl Grey: I am not an intellectual girl.

Pearl Grey: I like when diverse people can communicate and play with mutual respect and I’m curious about people.

Pearl Grey: But I don’t want to annoy them. Which is why I asked Marie if I could meet with you.

Newton: Well that is appreciated

Pearl Grey: And this champagne is quite wonderful!

Pearl Grey: So one thing I picked up on the MU Talk comment

Pearl Grey: that I haven’t looked into further

Pearl Grey: is that ummm…..Sl can help one discern and appreciated one’s primary experience more?

Newton: I don’t know

Pearl Grey: Oh well then ever mind.

Newton: I don’t think RL and SL should be so interdependent in these discussions

Newton: for example

Newton: I passed around a paper for cafe sophistry and in it, they were discussing how people who are african american in RL tended to make white avatars if all the other avatars are white

Newton: the odd thing is, the underlying assumption of the study was that people want to be anything like themselves here at all

Pearl Grey: ok

Newton: or should want to be

Newton: I mean

Newton: I think many (I don’t know how many) people come here to really be NOT what they are in RL

Newton: This isn’t a “bigger” RL

Newton: it’s a totally different place

Newton: (from my perspective)

Pearl Grey: True

Pearl Grey: People want to be younger and healthier here.

Pearl Grey: From what I’ve experienced.

Newton: yes

Pearl Grey: I know some people want to be a gender they identify with.

Newton: yeah?

Pearl Grey: Well yes; I’ve talked with people who are having real life gender reassignment.

Pearl Grey: And their avatars are the gender they want to be.

Newton: Yes sure

Newton: I think people want to be whatever they want to explore

Newton: or it’s something more serious as you say

Pearl Grey: And of course my biological agent has never met a dragon, vampire or neko.

Pearl Grey: I didn’t attend your Cafe meetings because they are early and I didn’t quite understand what it was about. I do hate to feel like an interloper.

Newton: Well, you are always welcome

Newton: the 29th will be a time when people present some work possibly

Newton: we will see

Pearl Grey: The next one is the end of the….right.

Newton: I wasn’t really available for the impromptu session where we kicked gold into the crevasse and burned transcripts

Newton: but that may have been the last huzza for section 1

Pearl Grey: Well I write stuff and slap pictures I like on plywood prims so I doubt if I would have any work. Oh that was short notice right?

Newton: It was fine

Newton: come if you like, even to appreciate what others do

Pearl Grey: Isn’t one of the sessions about time?

Newton: Yes

Newton: The next one

Pearl Grey: That one might be interesting. My sense of time is way more fluid these days.

Pearl Grey: Might want to see what others come up with.

Newton: It’s very personal

Newton: The first topic was, of course

Pearl Grey: The 29th will be here sooner than we imagine now.

Newton: Yes it will and so shall midnight

Pearl Grey: Yes, I imagine so.

Pearl Grey laughs.

Pearl Grey: You need your beauty sleep?

Newton: Pretty soon

Pearl Grey: Well of course, just say when.

Pearl Grey: Anything you’d like to tell me about yourself since we are so rarely on campus at the same time?

Newton: are you typing

Pearl Grey: typing?

Newton: The IM said “Pearl Grey is typing”

Pearl Grey: I am slinging the camera around and drinking champagne

Pearl Grey: So speak if you wish.

Newton: I don’t have much to say about my self

Pearl Grey: OK

Newton: anything you’d like to say about you

Newton: ?

Pearl Grey: You like to think and speak of ideas

Pearl Grey: Oh nothing to add

Pearl Grey: I think I talk rather a lot.

Newton: Yes and preen

Pearl Grey: Yes, you do look rather well groomed.

Newton: and smoke

Pearl Grey: And I see you manage to keep from getting yellow nails from the smokes

Pearl Grey: And your teeth look great too.

Newton: Yes,and i go home and use my scrub brush while listening to podcasts

Newton: hmm

Newton: They do?

Pearl Grey: Probably looking dashing helps people listen better than looking like a hobo. Yes they do. Please don’t tell me that you’re a vampire.

Newton: no

Pearl Grey: Good

Newton: I have no interest in special blood types

Newton: Medici is probably the most focused thing I’ve done here

Newton: Otherwise I’ve been a bit of a bon vivant

Pearl Grey: Do I have permission to write about you on my blog? It’s a little project I’m having fun with. Oh really? Medici takes some focus.

Pearl Grey: I see. We must have been going to different places.

Newton: I’ve collected a bit of art

Pearl Grey: I’m usually found tromping down the road. Art collecting is great!

Newton: I can’t hold a candle to my sister in that regard

Newton: but yes

Newton: Yes, I’d love to see what you plan to do

Newton: Thank you for being intrigued

Pearl Grey: Well I was curious about whether we could have a conversation.

Pearl Grey: I was a little intimidated and thought it would be a challenge and good experience.

Pearl Grey: I have enjoyed our talk.

Newton: So have I – we should come back here again and dance

Pearl Grey: Maybe I will see you around MU sometime.

Newton: Alright Pearl

Pearl Grey: You should. It looks like a wonderful place and you need a break.

Newton: Yes

Newton: we all do from time to time

Pearl Grey: From thinking.

Pearl Grey: and thinking about what others are thinking.

newton 6

Pearl Grey: Thank you for the champagne

Newton: Certainly Pearl

Pearl Grey: It has been a pleasure meeting you.

Newton: and you – thank you for your invitation

Pearl Grey: And I think highly of your sister, of course.

Newton: Ah well she does say the same of you

Newton: that was why I agreed to this meeting

Pearl Grey: Oh wonderful!

Pearl Grey: Yes, I wondered if you would be too busy.

Pearl Grey: But am glad you made the time.

Newton: Indeed, so am I Pearl

Pearl Grey: So I will leave you to your sleep. I have a few places to go before I’m done for the evening.

Newton: Ah, enjoy your exploring!

Pearl Grey: Thanks you! Take care Newton.

Newton: I may take a brief look around here

Newton: Good night Pearl

Newton: See you soon

Pearl Grey: Yes, there is an odd spirit box thing in the corner. Watch out for that.

Newton: ok

Newton: I’m going to wait to commune with the spirits till a little later

Newton: Salut!

Pearl Grey smiles and poofs.