Path Light and Hassock

hassock and path light 1

I’ve learned more skills making a hassock and a path light. It might not make great furniture but I can make art pieces with what I learn. The hassock has a meditation animation and the script to make it work inside. It wouldn’t work for a while until I figured out that the cushion only needed the script and animation in the content tab. The light gives off a nice glow which I can use to make stuff.

There was another plant to make, which my awkward fingers had trouble dealing with before. But I did make a flexi prim.

I recall spending a lot of time and wasting money getting a plant texture when I tried unsuccessfully to recreate in Second Life a plant like I did in opensim. When looking at textures in the texture organizer that Oona gave me I noticed there were some available there. Well, there’s just way too much stuff to remember and figure out.

hassock and path light 2

The supplies kits in opensim are on the Great Canadian Grid in Parkville, which is Chic Aeon’s place. The Pay It Forward Building School.

I think my skills will be used for sculpture hopefully.


Resuming Building


I made a lamp. It’s a five prim lamp and doesn’t look like much but I got to practice linking, using numbers to change size etc instead of the stretch function and I put my first scripts in content tabs. The light works and the on/off function works.

Anyone can get a free copy at my Vashti 4 studio if they so desire. 🙂


I replaced the lamp on this desk with the one I made.

floor lamp_001

First I made one on my build platform in OSGrid. It works too but I had some alignment issues. I have difficulty seeing the smaller prims and have poor control with my fingers. I have no interest in becoming a furniture maker anyway,


And here is a reminder to myself to let people be where they are. And wait until they ask for help.

I’ve been given a small place to live on one of the regions near my build platform. (Not that I ever change clothes.) I have a next door neighbor, whom I’ve never met but he’s on my contact list.

See my gray and blue table in the back? One of the first things I’ve ever made? When I went to put my lamp in this place I saw these three table. Of course they look way better than mine; I see it too. They belong to my neighbor and I’m sure  he means well, letting me pick up copies of these gorgeous tables.

But I’m pleased with the one I made. And with it hidden away in my home, it isn’t an eyesore for the theme of the sim.

But nice he was thinking about me. 🙂

Studio Change and Building Practice

Vashti 4_001

I took the lovely sandstone building from Culprit down and rearranged things out in the open air. I’m going to replace some of the items with things I make.

I have time to do this (when I’m not sleeping) because my back is messed up again and I can’t stand up straight and can barely walk. I know this is coming on when I get extremely clumsy for a few days. It will pass; it always has before.

build 5_23_001Saturday afternoon I built this table in OSGrid, following along with a great tutorial by Chic Aeon of The Great Canadian Grid. I use the Firestorm opensim viewer there. I couldn’t figure out how to flip the grain of the wood but this is good enough for me. I put it in my home there near the picture frame I 5_23_002

My hands aren’t working well at all, fingers slipping, and twice I deleted my build platform. But I kept at it.

build 5_23_003Following along with the tutorial, I saved a copy of the table and then converted one to a plant stand. I worked with my first sculpty, the vase, and then used an alpha textured flower on a prim I made transparent and linked them all together. Hypergridding to The Great Canadian Grid to pick up a kit was quite helpful. Working with something transparent isn’t easy for me but I got it done. And I had expected I could do it again in Second Life but I was wrong.building sl_001I made the table. It was more difficult doing it at the weird angle things are set out but I wanted it to be a fairly close size to the art table I’ve been using.building sl_003Then I made the plant stand on my small build platform.building sl_004I was using the Lab viewer, which I prefer. I found vase sculpt maps on the marketplace and had a texture I’d purchased quite a while ago and have been meaning to find a use for. I got the dirt in the pot. Good so far but then the trouble began.

I couldn’t find the transparent button on the Lab viewer. I spent several hours and a fair amount of Lindens trying one set of alpha flower textures after another. I had to switch to Firestorm and that didn’t help. I realized I wasn’t going to be making any flowers here so I began buying several.plant and stand 2_001I found a nice orchid but I wanted to give a copy of this to someone so I shopped for full perm items.plant and stand 2_002

These were nice but I wanted to go inworld and look around.

With other things I buy, I have vendors I trust but buying full perm landscaping items on the marketplace is something new and there’s a lot of crap out there.

plant and stand 2_004

I went with these hyacinths. I unlinked the flowers from the pot they’re in. I’m not supposed to sell them (which I’m not out to sell anyway) without changing the flower, stem and leaf parts. I was exhausted this by this time. I sent a “no transfer” gift to a friend and will leave this set out at my studio plot for a while It has 12 land impact. The most complicated thing I’ve made in Second Life.

But it’s given me an idea to make something with a few free full perm items I picked up.


Random Stuff


I am doing so much in real life that sometimes the only way I remember things I’ve done in virtual reality is when I see the pictures I’ve snapped. The above photo was taken on my build platform on OSGrid. I textured some crates so I could sit down.

building_003I’ve  been given a home on the Firefly themed region although most of my time is spent on the build platform or trying to hypergrid. The new tutorials I’m using are by Chic Aeon and her textures and supplies are on The Great Canadian Grid. The first evening I tried to travel there I failed.


I made picture frames. Usually I just put my photos on a prim slab. The texture for making a shadow was unavailable to me that evening.


I went into Second Life and picked up some free shadows on the marketplace but obviously haven’t figured out how to use the. I had to make the prim behind it hugely bigger to even get the shadow to show up. And the white area to the left of the photo? That is supposed to be the transparent side of the huge prim but that failed as well. So I deleted it and moved on.


I checked out the KPO Gallery.


And Collaborateopolis.

neko mobile

I made time to tour the campus in the Neko Mobile. I could see things I miss being low to the ground all the time. A lot of the students have built roof top hangouts.

neko mobile 2

And when I’m tired, it’s easy just to ride.

neko mobile 3

It happened to be the time when Neeva Torok had a temporary structure with panes of glass up. She took a photo that made it seem the campus was in miniature. It was so cute and clever.

New Building Platform

osgrid_001I’m still slowly learning to build. This is the build platform on an OSGrid region. Someone made it for me and gave me a few pieces to texture or copy and link.osg_001This is what it ended up looking like and this is where I stopped. I started making a few things on the top and I doubt I’ll ever get around to finishing the structure of it.

Building on OSgrid


I’m learning stuff while being disorganized about documenting it. I have photos and drafts piling up.

When I last left off posting about my building lessons, they guy who owns the region I work on had left WestWorld Grid and started up on OSGrid again. (New account, password and avatar for me.) Often my work hasn’t been saved along with other minor catastrophes. Here, my bay window has been edited so the edges are tapered and the seams blend in together. Nice. One of those details that make a difference. Most of the rest of the house had disappeared though.

The AO for women that the most of the grids have available is called Sweetness. I don’t mind using it but I don’t care to see how often my head is bowed in photos. I much prefer the AO I have in Second Life when I’m often gazing ahead or slightly up. I have no interest in learning to tweak the AO; I’d rather just live with it.


I used the sliders to make my avatar as consistent with the others as I can in a reasonable amount of time.

I’ve noticed that the new platform the Lab is working on won’t have inworld creation. Everything will be imported. Down the road, Blender might be used but in the beginning it will be Maya, which is expensive and difficult to learn.

In one of the posts about the Education Conference, I read about a term called prosumers, people creating some content and buying most of it.

Speculating a lot is kind of a waste of time these days. I’ll just trust myself to find things that interest me in life, whether in virtual reality or mostly in real life.


Open Sim Build Practice

Chon_001There was a brief few hours when I got back to my build platform on the region connected to WestWorld grid before it went down again.

The above photo shows when I learned how important the correct decimal point position is when in the object tab choosing the height of something.Chon_002My seemingly clever linking of a roof partition for the bay windows.build_001I finally got things linked and the roof to a sort of suitable tapered peak to include covering the bay windows.build_002Then came experimenting with roof textures and repeats.build_004I had already linked the wall panels.  This is when I realized that pulling a blank wall panel out of my “objects” inventory instead of copying them and sliding them over could result in the texture being upside down. At this point I wasn’t planning to keep this house so I put a picture texture on the middle wall panel.build_005I found a roof texture that I liked better and it looked ok from above. From other angles, not so much.build_006Like here on the side, the roof looks odd. The bricks on the wall look like they even up seamlessly at this size. The repeat would probably look better smaller. Again, I put a picture texture on the wall just because.build_007The bay window panels were upside down too but this picture panel looked ok. By this time I kind of didn’t care and was messing around.

When the region owner moved his land in one piece to OSGrid, a lot of this work had not been saved.   Also, the building was now in his name and all I could do was to make a copy of it and continue to modify it which I had no interest in doing. I had made back ups of my work on WestWorld grid but this is a whole new account, starting over with basic inventory on OSgrid.

He deleted the doors I made too which might have been a mistake on my part. Maybe my next ones will look better.

I just wanted to start over. Imagine that.