Some Warm Up Drawings

drawing 1We didn’t have drawing class this week. I’m not going to improve much through the rest of June but I will definitely practice and study for the rest of the year.drawing 2One thing that will help is finding my art supplies (besides colored pencils) in all my stuff.

These are some warm up drawings that I completed a couple of months ago.



Far Infrared

d_d class_001

Drinking and Drawing class work. Trilby gave me a copy of the drawing she did of me, the one in the middle. I love it!

Far Infrared. No, not some photography technique. It’s my heating pad which I’ve been using a lot this week. At least I can stand up straighter now and went to the grocery store today. But my back and neck aches. My hands and arms are so clumsy this week too. Drawing, typing and walking inworld; it’s all difficult.

Izzy has allowed some sort of point-to-point teleporting, finally. I walk when I can, of course, but there’s been times when I’ve fallen in the water and had to teleport out of the sim and there’ve been other difficulties for me on campus.  And people just don’t think before they speak. I’ve seen comments in VB chat about sending a teleport if “you’re too weak to walk” and such.

Or “don’t challenge me. *cries*”.

Oh the insensitivity and uncouthness of healthy youth. Another thing to overlook and give the benefit of the doubt.

While I’m emotionally flat, at least my mind is functioning well enough that I haven’t caused myself any disaster in real life. I just sleep a lot.

I might do some building later this week and next week start learning some machinima. That’s the plan anyway.

I might go to Crit class this evening. Maybe stay for about an hour.



These are my drawings as the briefly looked from one angle in the new Drawing Gallery


And as they became transparent and couldn’t be seen. I finally took all but one down as I’d spent quite a bit of time on it.


Next week I’m to have a drawing of Marie Beedit for class. Trilby, Marie and I went on a photo shoot for this. This is the photo I chose to draw. The drawing itself isn’t very good but I’m amused at the title: Mother Marie and Baby Ginger. I gave them halos.


This was the outfit and location but not the pose of the drawing Trilby will do of me.


They tried lots of outfits and locations but Trilby gave me a break and was satisfied with my set up soon enough.

Trilby and Marie

Trilby and Marie

Ocho Tango

Friday night I showed Feels some places. We went to Chouchou so he could try out a cinematic hud. The we went to Mistero Hifeng’s place, Ocho Tango and The Far Away. He took some great photos for his Flickr.


Carrying On

a this week

Areas at LEA 23 continue to change. This is the new Writers Lounge and is the landmark for the area where my studio is located.

a this week 2

There are new signs pointing to the different areas of campus and the kiosks have been moved to help in navigation.

a this week 3

Veyot changed her studio too. While I was looking at it, she logged in and can be seen through the window. A little later she sent me her story for the latest story pics project. Counting mine, I have three now.

a this week 4

I’ve wasted a lot of time attempting to fix my avatar floating above the chair and sinking into the ground. I’ve adjusted my height and tried tweaking my hover sliders. I’m done messing with it for a while.

gallery 23_005

I’m gaining more confidence with what I make.


The landscape I drew for Drinking and Drawing class.

kp 3

Art Ojula and I did a photo shoot at ASU Virtual Heritage Island for the next story board pictures. It might have best if I stopped at the last one, which had some difficulty involved.

Egos, paranoia and misunderstandings regarding collaboration. And I’m not the only one who’s had unpleasant situations. I don’t mind having a listening ear but some people have been harsh while venting. Oh well, it’s Second Life.

pose 1

One of the learners, Roxy, has a photography studio with poses and invites avatars to take photos and send them to her. I took three pictures and sent her two of them.

pose 3

She likes this one better.

new photos_001

I put some new work outside my studio. Myra wants our work for the new KPO Gallery and I was going to let her pick something that might work. But what’s wanted is some writing featured and some of the stories from the Story Board were requested. I got permissions from five of the six writers from the first project. The photos in the later ones aren’t as good; they were mostly meant as prompts.

new photos_002

I’ll post some of these to my flickr account when I have time. I really have so much more to do lately.

new photos_003

The online writing course I signed up for is too much to do so I’ll just read through it this time and take it again next time it’s offered.


I took two small tours  to Hemingway’s studio as well as one short one with someone who couldn’t make the other times.

This Week

spring wreath_001

This is the spring wreath that Veyot made out of the flowers we textured.


This weekend there were several on-campus Jane’s Walk to honor Jane Jacobs. I wasn’t able to attend and instead led a small walk to Forgotten City.Marie's Jane's WalkSunday evening, RMarie  led a Walk to 18th century France.5_4_15_002Monday evening, Trilby and I had self-portraits for Drinking and Drawing class. Above is Trilby’s drawing; it was lovely.


This is my drawing. It kind of looks like me except for the nose. Mine is larger and straighter.


I put my story boards around my studio. If I get participants to write stories I’ll do another.

Maybe we don’t do things more than a few times here and that’s O.K.


Work Work Work

work 4_23_003

I have a fever and have been sneezing and sniffling all day. There are lots of things I want to do but don’t have the energy. My apartment is a mess.

But I got some things done for MU even though there are more on my list. Above is the addition I’m making to the BAOC award which I’m to pass on to someone else on Saturday. I’ve drawn a compass. I’m waiting for permission to hand it over to someone. If they say no, the next person is getting the compass.

I can understand why they might say no.

work 4_23_004

My sky platform didn’t have enough prim allowance left to link what I’ve done and the angled way things are at my studio was too challenging for me so I went to a sandbox. I attracted an audience but everyone left me 4_23_002

I spent hours and hours on my drawing for class, about five I think. The teacher wants me, or us, to spend more time on them but I don’t think it improves my work. I think practice will. I can’t even see all the lines I’ve drawn into this after it’s been uploaded and rezzed inworld. I hope I don’t have to quit the class.

By the way it’s supposed to be a self-portrait. It doesn’t look like me. I am taller, my face is thinner, my hair is darker and I’m definitely a woman. So it’s a drawing of a human in a virtual 4_23_001

For the Time project on Sunday, I wrote a haiku for three photographs I connected. They’re sitting outside my studio now.

I need to get some rest.

Drinking and Drawing

Snapshot_002Monday evening I went to drawing class again. We had four drawings to view plus the pieces that Van Caerndow  showed. Above is the amazing drawing that Trilby did. We were to draw our avatar.Snapshot_001The face on the left is my drawing, the one on the right is by Oona.

There were several other drawings but I had trouble taking pictures. We had visitors too.


My drawing. I have 32 or 36 pencils now.