Creative Writing

There’s a lot going on in creative writing. People can’t learn it all at once. They practice, improve, practice, improve and repeat.

I suffer from fatigue, cognitive and short term memory issues. (See “Brain” page.) In my studies here, I’ll be practicing. There will be great room for improvement, I’m aware.

I have writing books in real life, which I read. Sometimes I understand them but I retain little. I’m not sure if any of the creative writing people at MU are teaching yet. It’s early days in this experiment.

I am writing a sort of linear fiction journal based on role play on the Dankoville varregion on the WestWorld Grid. That is in early days too and I’m still getting used to the two opensim viewers I use. Things don’t always go smoothly.

In Second Life, I’m in the Lightbridge role play group. It’s an all-human medieval role play sim. I haven’t actually got to role play with anyone there so haven’t been showing up lately. I am thinking about writing a little time travel thing about it though, to make use of the time I’ve already invested.

Of course, I’m writing on this blog too. That may lessen in time. This project runs until June 30th, four and a half months from now. That’s a long time in virtual reality.

That’s the vague idea I’m beginning with. I am where I am with this.

Anyway, I have a “Creative Writing” category here.



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