Virtual Photography

I enjoy taking virtual photos, sometimes raw shots, sometimes processing them in PicMonkey or less often, playing around in FotoSketcher.

Sometimes people like the pictures I take. I’ve put a few on prim canvases and put them up for sale in a sort of gallery in one of my homes in Second Life. I  put a few photos in the Raglan Shire Artwalk last summer.  I have a role play art gallery in Dankoville on the WestWorld Grid as well as a free gallery in the WestWorld Welcome Center.

Other times I like to take raw shots of my travels on the mainland. Those aren’t nearly as well received. I don’t care for limiting my  focus on showcase sims, the ones that the very skilled and the professionals photograph.

I’ve sent an instant message to Ziki Questi who is teaching at MU and she’s responded. That’s where I’ll begin my study. The Designing Worlds show has a recent part one episode on photography tips, interviewing three well-known SL photographers. I’ll look at that too, as well as part two when it’s available.

I have a Virtual Photography category here where I’ll show some of my work. (The posts of notes I take on what I learn will be private.)


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