The Ant Farm Sessions

It’s been nine months  since Medici University ended, June 30th, 2015.

The LEA grants for the last half of 2015 included Art Farm Co op in which some of the avatars that were at MU participated. The group for both was VB Friends. As someone told me a few weeks ago, it is VB Friends, not VB Art or VB Creativity.

I felt it was important to document my time at MU in this blog and there were a few readers who would check in occasionally.  I also kept an under-the-radar blog for my own memories during Art Farm Co op. I mentioned it to a few people a couple of times.

I picked up an unknown reader for the blog, someone in the US, and am relieved they never shared their identity.

It’s been three months since Art Farm Co-op ended and I’m now sharing the link to the blog I kept about it.

The Ant Farm Sessions


Snapshot_005The Drinking and Drawing final reception was yesterday evening. I took lots of photos and uploaded quite a few to Flickr. These are the rest of them.Snapshot_012I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who showed up for it. It’s great when we support each other and also a sense of closure is needed.Snapshot_013We didn’t talk much about the drawings and that’s fine. It wasn’t a critique.Snapshot_020We decided to march around campus and go to the river. RMarie handed out torches that people could fire breath with.Snapshot_023We ended up underwater in the slough for a while.Snapshot_024


Snapshot_027There were a lot of available prims since people have been taking studios down. Neeva temporarily used all but eleven to make a tumbling tower which we watched from underwater.Snapshot_030




After a while there was little conversation. It was very late. But we stood around on the hill, reluctant to leave. Everything needs to be gone from LEA 23 by midnight SLT.

But many of us have been transformed by this and it won’t be the end really.




Final Weekend

emotion in art_009On the final Sunday afternoon stroll around MU. This is a large copy of my thank you photo sitting on my studio plot. Many studios look the same as they ever were; others have been downsized very recently to minimalist displays of the latest works.emotion in art_001Nearby in Vashti is art from the Emotion in Art classes.emotion in art_002

emotion in art_003Laserskater’s studio is gone and this was remaining.

emotion in art_004RMarie Beedit’s studio.emotion in art_006Muse Beck’s studio.emotion in art_007Elle Thorkveld’s




Made Me Smile

art in gallery_001I’d given four of my glitch photos to Seraphim Placebo, curator of the Placebo Gallery and was pleasantly surprised to see them in her private collection exhibit. art in gallery_002Sometimes it’s these little things.


Oh Give Those Useless Eaters Some Cake

cake 2This has been sitting in my drafts folder for months. The photos were taken on the photoshoot that Van Caerndow did when he was preparing to do the portrait he painted of me.

I thought of these photos when I felt angry and disgusted and wanted to write a sarcastic post. There were many such occasions to do so, not necessarily about MU but about attitudes in the world of SL blogging and such. Snobs, elitists and those who are dismissive of the creativity and rights of others, I dislike them in real life and also in virtual worlds.

I would have done it in story form and written an exaggerated diatribe along the lines of the ridiculous, narcissistic, exclusive attitudes that I read about. But I’m not angry this weekend. I’m very much engaged with a new project and have no reason to poke around and stir up old pain and wounds. But I’ve sure enjoyed writing imaginary stories in my head over the last few months to go with this title and these pictures.  cake 1I saw something online the other day–a quote–something like how in a world that profits off our insecurity and self-doubt, it’s an act of rebellion to accept ourselves as we are and choose to grow as we see fit.

I Knew This Day Would Arrive

roche_002Earlier today I learned that my favorite virtual destination for almost four years is closing  this day. I don’t feel sad; I have great memories and lots of photos of this place. It’s one of the places I liked to make sure that new SL friends got to see. roche_001I also don’t really feel sad that MU is shutting down. I have good memories of it and it’s transformed me in some ways. Now it’s up to me to carry on and make the changes in my creativity that it’s inspired me to.roche_004I wouldn’t have gone to Roche today because I have a lot to do in real life and I knew there would be others there but I’d deleted the video clips I’d made of it when I first started learning machinima a little while ago. They came nowhere close to doing it justice. Even though I knew this day would arrive I thought I’d have a little more time to improve my skills and do a better job of capturing the beauty of Roche.

roche_006I went back and filmed around people as best I could. There’s a lot of footage and it will take quite a bit of editing but I’m so glad I made time to do this.

I uploaded my Newton Out of Context slideshow video. The avatar Newton is very photogenic and also quite interesting so I included some (out of context) quotes along with his images overlayed with destination and art images. Most of the art is mine; there are some drawings by Trilby Minotaur and RMarie Beedit too. I had the inspiration to do this and worked on it all of one Friday night about two weeks ago.roche_007 




Lucia at Zombie MU


zombie_012I was going to write a third and final episode to my Lucia/Zombie story but MU and it’s website is sort of a ghost town by now and like many others I’ve pretty much moved on. I want to show the pictures I took with the Lab’s mesh zombie avatars on campus. I had fun with this photo shoot. The picture above was taken in front of my studio at Vashti 4.zombie_001 This was taken at the Writers’ Lounge.zombie_002This was taken at the MU Gallery.zombie_004This was taken at the Drinking and Drawing (and also Life Drawing) Gallery where I never was able to get my drawings up. The art on the left is by Trilby Minotaur and on the right is my RMarie Beedit.zombie_005Here the zombie guy is looking at the painting Van Caerndow did of me on the kiosk.zombie_006Here the girl zombie explores RMarie Beedit’s studio.zombie_007In Eupa’s studio.zombie_009In Veyot’s studio. zombie_010In Michael Green’s studio. In the story I was going to write something about a zombie with a cloud of blue hair. I barely know Michael Green and don’t know if he has a sense of humor or takes himself very seriously and would have been offended. There are some MU learners who are quite tetchy.

I love the Cezanne-like painting with the cell phone in it.zombie_011 And finally, inside my studio.